Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chelsea Wolfe - Apokalypsis

1. Primal / Carnal
2. Mer
3. Tracks (Tall Bodies)
4. Demons
5. Movie Screen
6. The Wasteland
7. Moses
8. Friedrichshain
9. Pale On Pale
10.To The Forest, Towards The Sea

LA's Chelsea Wolfe hounds the Goth vibe into ever more enticing alleys with her followup to 'The Grime And The Glow'. Her 2nd album, 'Apokalypsis' opens with a feral snarl before 'Mer' exhibits a startling upgrade to her sound, from 8-track tape to full studio clarity. Fittingly, this is in keeping with the album's title, translating from Greek as both "apocalypse" and "revelation", as she unveils nine songs of doomy folk guitars, slow and bellicose drums and sorrowfully atmospheric synths creating the perfectly sepulchral backing for affected, moaning and ghosted

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