Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sun Araw - Ancient Romans

01. Lucretius
02. Crown Shell
03. Crete
04. Lute And Lyre
05. At Delphi
06. Fit For Caesar
07. Trireme
08. Impluvium

Over a handful of albums, Sun Araw main man 
Cameron Stallones has become adept at getting neck-deep in swampy 
dub, even as he drizzles syrupy Afro-beats atop 
his psych-tinged noise. This double album (complete with lush art booklet) is styled like a toga party, but some tracks ("Fit for Caesar," "Lucretius") are closer to the 'shroom-chewing highlights of Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii. "At Delphi" toes the line between synth shriek and baby wail, while epic closer "Impluvium" is a 
pagan ritual fit for the decline of Empire...www.spin.com

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