Thursday, August 25, 2011

DJ Jus-Ed - Vision Dance

01. A Little Deeper
02. Acid Techno
03. Emotion
04. Ice 592
05. Project 1 London
06. Project 2 London
07. Stuck In A Train To Berlin
08. The Truth
09. This Shit Is Hot Re-Scrub
10. Train Ride To Offenbach

Jus-Ed is surely the most prolific component in the current wave of US Deep House producers. For his 2nd album this year he teams up with Japan's Mule Electronic for a standardly robust yet soulful journey into his sound. That sound has been shaped by a lifetime involved with dance music. He graduated from his studies in percussion at the University of Bridgeport in '82 and went on to DJ earliest House, '80s funk and R&B, before years of caning it took over and he returned at the start of the last decade with a tougher but more spiritual sound. The closest comparison we could make, aesthetically and productively, is Omar-S, but Ed has definitely got his own groove and identity within the scene. 'Vision Dance' is brimming with that restless soul, cutting across the floor between the sultry shuffle of 'A Little Deeper', to the rugged throb of 'Acid Techno', abstract jacks like 'Ice 592' and the two 'Project London' joints. But he's at his best when working with synths pads on the floating optimism of 'Stuck In A Train To Berlin', the hypnotic swing of 'This Shit Is Hot' or 'Train Ride To Offenbach'

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