Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bambounou - Alpha EP

1. Alpha
2. Dock Request
3. Heroïc Deeds
4. Divided By Zero
5. Alpha (Teeth Remix)
6. Dock Request (Lunice Remix)
7. Heroi C Deeds (Darling Farah Remix)
8. Divided By Zero (Ikonika Remix)

“Bambounou is back among humanoids, after covering the entire world bewitching it with animist incantations, the kid, a bit less kiddy but still wild and genuine in his productions and dj sets, comes back to tell you about his obsession for repetition, perpetuals motions and animated gifs. A dark and paradoxically extremely warm EP, an eclipse, a black sun using all of your senses, even the 6th until burning your eardrums with his shady UV radiations. Four originals tracks which takes you to a sweaty, violent, sometimes sexy but never emotionless self communion, this work will certainly not let you unharmed. Talents discoverer and mental explorer, after a world tour of influences he picked up artists to remix this EP: Lunice (Canada), Teeth (Finland), Ikonika (England) and Darling Farah (Middle East) are each revisiting, in a very personal way, the originals tracks but still keeping the first aim, to fuck your mind and your heart all this summer.”...www.discobelle.net

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