Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Visionist / Lorca - W.M.I.D / Hold Back

1. W.M.I.D
2. Hold Back
3. Hold Back (Valentin Stip Dream Away Mix)
4. Slapstickk

After Vessel's superb opening gambit Left Blank dilate their vision to take in clipped 808 Funk and emosh electronica from the highly touted Visionist and Lorca. Ahead of his release for Oneman's 502 label, Visionist jams on a smart 808 thing, springing off deftly tucked and diffused drums under warm and dubbed-out pads. While Lorca's 'Hold Back' is a sweeter roller, running sparse rhythms between lush subs and floating IDM-soul chords. Tip!...www.boomkat.com

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