Saturday, August 20, 2011

Team Ghost - We All Shine

1. Lonely, Lonely, Lonely
2. A Glorious Time
3. Sur Nous Les Étincelles Du Soleil
4. Echoes
5. Only You Can Break My Heart
6. Colors In Time
7. Deaf
8. Red Light Corridor
9. High Hopes
10. Celebrate What You Can't See
11. It's Been A Long Way, But We're Free
12. Signs & Wonders
13. Into My Arms
14. We All Shine

Behind Team Ghost hides a ghost. Not a lonely soul with ball and chain but a star-eyed boy certainly not content with the idea of following the latest trend & determined to draw his very own musical path. Nicolas Fromageau – originally a founding member of post-french touch duo M83 along with Anthony Gonzales – co-wrote the first two albums “M83″ (2002) and “Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts” (2003). He decided to part ways before the third album was released. He left Antibes, M83′s hometown in the South of France, for Paris and formed Team Ghost, backed by Christophe Guérin (his sparring partner in this project) and Jean-Philippe Talaga (ex-Gooom founder, who became Team Ghost producer / manager). Nicolas and Christophe have been working on the music for a few years already. They created Kiss Me First, their own production team and have started playing live shows here and

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