Monday, August 15, 2011

Hard Ass Sessions: Volume VI

01. Brenmar - Waiting On
02. Kry Wolf - Picadinho Di Pedalina
03. Cardopusher - Tu Bizcochito
04. Schlachthofbronx - Backup Run

Solid tropical romps rounded up by Buraka Som Sistema's J-Wow. Brenmar leads the charge with the Soca-sweetened gallop of 'Waiting On' crossing between synthy HipHop and sub-driven Carrib-Tech. London's Kry Wolf come kinkier with 'Picadinho Di Pedalina', rolling the subs lower under Latin-tucked drums and synth motifs like of Pepe Braddock gone Pan Ghetto. Cardopusher holds it back for the shifty Cumbia triplets of 'Tu Bizcochito' and Schlachthobronx boosts the energy levels with the Funky Bubblin' scorch of 'Backup Run'

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