Monday, August 15, 2011

Actress - Harrier ATTK / Gershwin

01. Harrier ATTK
02. Gershwin

Actress drops his first release since the milestone 'Splazsh' LP with two killers for Nonplus. It follows last years surprise entry 'Machine & Voice' with a similar dancefloor slant, especially on the hard swinging archival track 'Harrier ATTK'. Like much of his gear it's practically devoid of discernable bass (compared with your average dubstep tune), but like his idol, Drexciya, much of the energy comes from uniquely programmed syncopation and textures that bite and graze instead of punching you in the stomach, while the lead riff is just pure electro emo. On the flip 'Gershwin' is more akin to something from his Thriller sessions, a squashed and smudged underwater R&B number warped with coruscating filters and with the surfaces of his one-man submersible about to buckle under the deep sea pressure. Killer!

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