Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Julia Holter - Tragedy

01. Introduction
02. Try To Make Yourself A Work Of Art
03. The Falling Age
04. Goddess Eyes
05. Interlude
06. Celebration
07. So Lillies
08. Tragedy Finale

*Quite honestly one of the best albums of any description you'll hear in 2011...* Julia Holter is one of the most singular female artists we've encountered from the current groundswell of American indies. Leaving Records is possibly an unusual home for her latest, but then again, what's "usual" about Sun Araw, Matthewdavid or Dem Hunger? Her high concept fifth release, 'Tragedy' is based on the Ancient Greek play 'Hippolytus', and mixes elements of synth work with droning neo-classical strings, cloud-like ambience and dreamily surreal vocals, almost like an amalgam of Robert Ashley, Maria Minerva and Laurie Anderson. There's very little else out there right now with this sort of ambition, and most importantly, such a shockingly effective sense of wonder. A stunning, stunning album and an absolute must regardless of the kind of music you usually listen

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