Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rick Wilhite presents Vibes New & Rare Music – Part 2

1. Theo Parrish - When I'm Gone
2. Ricardo Miranda - Urbanism

Rick Wilhite digs reeeeal deep for the second set of Vibes tracks with a stunner from Theo Parrish and treat from Ricardo Miranda. Theo's 'When I'm Gone' draws sustenance from rooted Blues and folksy, spiritual jazz to work up a proper heads-down houser. The kicks pummel with an age-old throb descended from gospel and timeless African music while his arrangements develop and bloom with an untouchable grace and intuitive touch. Just as you'd expect from this man, really! Miranda's 'Urbanism' on the flip offers a solid deep house drive through inner city terrain with a cool and swagger you're not going to find in 99% of the minimal-gone-deep that's around today. Tip!...www.boomkat.com

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