Friday, April 10, 2009

Gudrun Gut - Apples, Pears And Deer In Poland EP

1. Monika In Polen (Thomas Fehlmann Mix)
2. Apples And Pears
3. Harz4Schleife
4. Apples And Pears (Instrumental Dub)

New from Monika Enterprises boss Gudrun Gut, this new EP gets underway with a Thomas Fehlmann remix of 'Monika Polen', Gut's contribution to the Songs For Bruno, Knut & Tom comnpilation. There's more than a hint of polka running through the track, which is structured around vintage folk dance samples, all patched into a contemporary, cartoonish 4/4 format. Next comes the strange downbeat electronica of 'Apples And Pears', working an AGF-style vocal into its sliced'n'diced framework. The other new composition, 'Harz4Schliefe' is a more pared down, drowsy affair, full of soundscaped atmospherics and hypnotic

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