Monday, May 4, 2009

Aardvarck - Pigstyle

01) Smurf
02) Dunk
03) Ghetto
04) Revo
05) Kikjoass
06) Water
07) Function
08) 1988
09) Taimingh

Prolific master beatsmith Aardvarck turns his hand to some sloooow sh*t for Kindred Spirits and Nod Navigators. This man has a scary knack for turning whatever style he chooses into his own, here steering away from his usual housier climes with a selection of beathead explorations that touch on the styles of Dilla, Recloose, or Kaman Leung over the 9 tracks, but never loosing that seal of inimitability that is really so shocking here. From the super modified squelches of 'smurf' to the cut up samba flavours of 'revo' the beats shift and mutate restlessly from track to track seriously scaring us with a breadth and depth pretty much unmatched elsewhere. The other fantastic fact about this record is that it plays so well as an album, with enough variety and smudged brilliance to keep anyone listening through til the bitter end, we really can't recommend it any higher. Blazing

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