Sunday, May 10, 2009

Data Select Party - Hanging Out With Humans

01. The White Bear
02. Ultra Swing
03. Ladder And Rope
04. Wake Up The Town
05. Wicked Conductors
06. The Woot The Hot The Hotness

Data Select Party are set to release their infectious debut six track mini-album 'Hanging out with Humans' through Fear & Records (I Was A Cub Scout / Emmy The Great). Coming across like the best bits of a classic John Hughes 80's movie soundtrack via the last days of disco crashing into the most ambitious, catchy post punk singles collection ever. Data Select Party are basically the best, most fun party you were never invited to but heard about on the grapevine and always pretended that you were at to make yourself sound cooler and more complete. Combining a love of hardcore punk rock and classic bar tunes, Data Select Party have been plying their sun blessed, addictive and offbeat pop melodies, intricate geek fretwork, gang vocals, time signature changes and disco punk rock across the UK for the last 12 months.

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