Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Brother The Native - Sacred Psalms

1. Well Bred
2. Manes
3. Someday
4. All Grown
5. Dusk
6. Child Banter
7. Awaken
8. Sores
9. Behold
10. Endless Winter

Their third effort for Fat Cat is also their most accomplished. Drawing on both the youthful, campfire sing-along quality of their 2006 debut "Tooth And Claw" as well as the epic, icy expansiveness of last year's "Make Amends, For We Are Merely Vessels", "Sacred Psalms" finds the young trio of now-transplanted Detroit natives exponentially increasing the instrument range and the sheer depth and quality of their recordings. Inspired by a love of African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Javanese Gamelan music, and with densely packed sonics, this record is the band's most eclectic release to date, but it also reveals a new focus on melody and

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