Thursday, May 7, 2009

In Flagranti - Brash & Vulgar

01. She Bend Each Leg Alternately
02. Brash & Vulgar
03. A Little Something 'Extra'?
04. I Can Thrill & Delight (Tatiana Ilinas Vocal)
05. A Piece Of False Morality
06. Black & Grey Stripped Trousers (Gabouchka Vocal)
07. Svelte Blonde (Simone Van Dijken Vocal)
08. Pick A Trick
09. It Was Like Nothing Before Or Since
10. I Hadn't Screwed Around Before
11. Ohh, I'll Have To Lose Wait Luv
12. How Did The Affair End?

Another sexy cover by Alex Goor and you know that you're about to be hit with another dose of sleazy disco-porn from In Flagranti. I've been feeling the title track for awhile now with its slow building layers of pulsating synths and dirty drums. If you've been digging anything remotely disco related then this record is for you. "A Piece Of False Morality" reminds of some late night jam with heavy quantities of sweat and slap bass goodness. Things get all torn up on "Black & Grey Stripped Trousers" as Gabouchka spits death disco style over rocking drums punctuated with growling organ stabs. The record takes a turn for the dark disco house sound that's been making dance floors sweaty with "I Hadn't Screwed Around Before." With the quantity of material that In Flagranti has been releasing it's refreshing to see that the quality has not suffered at all. The dirt and the grit are still there and they seem to stretch out their sound with every record. 12 tracks in



    thanks to barey