Sunday, May 31, 2009

DatA - Skywriter

01. Verdict
02. One In a Million
03. Aerius Light
04. So Much in Love
05. Electric Fever
06. Nightmare
07. Rapture
08. Renaissance Theme
09. Skywriter
10. Morphosis
11. Blood Theme

I'm feeling the hype for DatA's 25 May release Skywriter. The honeymoon with Tiga's Ciao! has come to a halt but it was very much needed in the lacking electro genre. Just like Ciao!, Skywriter will give 2009's electro genre a much needed boost. I'm really diggin' the gritty sounds on Blood Theme and Nightmare. Not only are those awesome, but also the Elizabethan electro on Renaissance and Verdict. Unfortunately, I've only got previews to offer but it is only a few more weeks till release. After looking at the tracklisting for Skywriter, DatA has brought back some old material for this release (such as Aerius Light, Morphosis) and has not bombarded the tracklist with electro-pop.

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