Monday, May 25, 2009

Vuk - The Plains

1.Flint in The Pines
2. The Arms of Spirits
3. Red-beard
4. Accidental Mermaid
5. Gramophone and Periscope
6. Barefoot in Arizona
7. Kiss The Assassin
8. All My Worries
9. The Plains

...Then comes Vuk, 27-year multi-instrumental Finnish-American Emily Cheeger, an ex-Dirty Projector (she sang on The Getty Address, did various singing percussion from 2002-2005), who currently plays a pump organ (and half a dozen instruments) while belting out vocals that can be beautifully fragile and beautifully taunting and, in general, always straight-up powerful.



    thanks to shshsh

  2. this link is dead....damn, this work is stunning and amazing...I hope someone else will upload.