Sunday, May 10, 2009

Alexander The Great - Faces Change

1 Home Alone In Central Park
2 Don't You Forget It
3 Free Of Knowledge
4 Dusk
5 Postcard
6 Invisible Ink
7 Late Night Rockit's
8 Cold Feet
9 Mapmaking Outlines
10 Cabin Fever
11 Arms
12 Jet Setting Jets

Alexander the great is from bloomington, IN; a small town known worldwide for it’s rich musical history, and relevant musical present. this can be an intimidating factor for young songwriters trying to find their place in such a well documented musical hotbed. however, alexander the great takes it in stride. rather than spending their early years cutting their teeth in pop-punk cover bands, playing keggers and garage parties, they decided to go ahead and write some very good songs and do some touring.



    thanks to StrmLnd