Monday, May 4, 2009

The Dolly Rocker Movement - Our Days Mind The Tyme

1.The Only One
2.Sold For Sinners
3.A Sound For Two
4.Coffin Love
5.My Heavenly Way
6.Borne With Gills
7.Enjoy A Paranoia
8.Memory Layne
9.Our Brave New World
10.The Ecstacy Once Told

2009 brings the latest instalment in the Dolly Rocker Movement’s kaleidescopic journey. Our Days Mind the Tyme owes its genesis to the influence of Sky Saxon, Arthur Lee and Syd Barrett, yet sparkles as bright, and fresh as the morning sun. From the baroque pop of A Sound for Two, to the tight garage licks of My Heavenly Way and Sold for Sinners, to the billowing pop elegance of The Only One and The Ecstacy Once Told, this is an album touched by the hand of spiritual enlightenment.

Ever since the hippies of the 1960s mutated into the marketing executives of the 1980s, psychedelia has been cloaked in the suffocating presence of romantic hyperbole and commodity fetishism. But beneath the tortured rhetoric and misty-eyed memories is a vibrant artistic spirit that few truly comprehend. It’s that spirit – built upon freedom, beauty, happiness and an attractive melody – that The Dolly Rocker Movement taps

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