Monday, May 25, 2009

Flunk - This Is What You Get

01. Dying To See You
02. Common Sense
03. Cigarette Burns
04. Ride
05. Love Hearts
06. Speedskating
07. Stain
08. Cardboard Rebel
09. Shoreline
10. Down
11. Karma Police

"This Is What You Get" is a natural evolution from their last album "Personal Stereo" (2007), with a darker and more experimental feel, with the electronic elements more present in the sound. This time with a distinct inspiration from the backstreets of London, with dubstep-elements (Stain, Shoreline, and partly in Dying To See You), and house-elements (Common Sense), but also a small dose of plain rock (Ride). The pop elements are still there, for example in Cigarette Burns,Common Sense, og Down.

Flunk have the habit of including a covertrack on each album, this time the Radiohead-classic Karma Police gets the Flunk treatement, with rough, edgy syncopated rhythms and Anja's lovely vocals.

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