Monday, May 4, 2009

Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin - Music Is My Medicine

1. The Old Spot
2. Brother John
3. Cold And Wet
4. Riff Raff Rollin
5. Lord Kenji
6. Doty's Leslie
7. Tune Traveler
8. Shadowfish
9. Gourds Of The Desert
10. Turtle Rock
11. Heavy Hands

This whole Clutchy Hopkins business is very confusing. Ubiquity keep throwing all this mythology our way, telling tales about a mysterious figure leaving traces of himself via bags of 2-inch reels and "a vintage Caribbean tracksuit jacket found in the office fridge". Sidestepping the fiction and getting down to this new release from Clutchy and Lord Kenjamin, you'll find yourself in the presence of an instrumental funk/hip hop/dub melting pot; a record that plays out a little bit like a very live sounding Shawn Lee album - and rumours that Money Mark might be involved in this don't seem entirely frivolous given the emphasis on vintage keyboard instruments. Other prime suspects include Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow, but whoever Clutchy is, this meeting with Lord Kenjamin (is THAT even a real person?) features some great organic, analogue instrumentals that aren't taking themselves too seriously, as demonstrated by a cut like 'Tune Traveller', which waddles along nicely with a wacky, skanking synth. Elsewhere the jazzy reggae grooves of 'Cold And Wet' brings some downtempo depth to the record, oozing warmth from its airy low-end

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