Friday, May 15, 2009

Exercise One -In Cars We Rust

1. Circeo
2. 1994
3. It Is Happening Again
4. Trapdoor
5. Drunken Tinman
6. Good Kid
7. No News Today
8. Sleeper
9. What You Say
10.Dont Slip
11.Just Not!

Produced and finessed over many months, their debut album In Cars We Rust is the studio product of their hands-on approach: passages of spontaneous creation are edited, collaged and remixed into a strikingly varied, startlingly cohesive whole. The dance-floor stormers are still there and the records flow is guided by the same spirit of improvisation that drives their live sets. But the clubbier material is rounded out by sounds weve never heard from Exercise One before: gorgeous, enveloping ambient tracks; soundtrack-ready synthesizer ballads; even a kind of retro-futurist electro-pop. Best of all, it all hangs together with ease. A testament to their studio and live efforts, their debut album eliminates any doubts that the enthusiasm that led to their founding moments in a basement in Kreuzberg is wearing out. Exercise One continue their migration through the hinterland of techno; round and round they go, where they stop nobody knows.



    thanks to joi6760