Friday, May 15, 2009

Hari And Aino - Hari And Aino

1. Gold (or something just as nice)
2. I will leave
3. Seasons
4. Hannah and I
5. Finland
6. Lousy day
7. Rubble and ruin
8. Tour heartache and mine
9. Second song
10. Thank you for my sisters

After the very useful "Stars in Coma" and "Second-Hand Furniture" restrospective albums, our favourite South-American label Plastilina Records is staying in the Swedish neighbourood to release this debut album from Stockholm-based quintet Hari and Aino.
Imagine "The Camera loves me" from The Would-be-goods crossed with Blondie's "Parallel Lines" and you'll get a near-to-clear picture of the band's wide proficiency, from sophisticated guitar-pop to cerebral disco. This is exacty the way we wished The Long Blondes would sound like on a full album...

"For me they were one of the most refreshing bands to appear this 2007, with a style very much on their own. C86-ish guitars, playful keyboards and the breezy vocals of Andrea's... beautiful!" /Plastilina Records

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