Saturday, May 16, 2009

Official Secrets Act - Understanding Electricity

1. Mainstream
2. So Tomorrow
3. The Girl From The BBC
4. Little Birds
5. Hold The Line
6. A Head For Herod
7. Momentary Sanctuary
8. Bloodsport
9. Victoria
10. December
11. Under The Flightpath

Four sprightly young fellows with side-partings and a penchant for effervescent, radio-friendly pop-rock. Thomas Burke (vocals, guitar), Lawrence Diamond (bass) and Alexander MacKenzie (drums) formed the band at Leeds University, after bonding over an interest in British military history. Michael Evans (harmonium, synths) joined after catching one of their early, exuberant gigs.

Their lyrics for starters - Take Victoria is a baroque romp about drug-fuelled sex which involves copy trays and dressing gowns. Elsewhere, they play with intriguing song titles such as A Head for Herod and Momentary Sanctuary.

Imagine the pure pop moments of the Waterboys or Prefab Sprout given a hefty dose of mood-enhancers. And, now and then, they tip their hats to the Divine Comedy, Jacques Brel and OMD.

They are gigging widely throughout March and April. You can hear them at The single Girl from the BBC comes out on 16 March on One Little Indian, and their debut album, Understanding Electricity, on 30 March.

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