Friday, August 12, 2011

Vladislav Delay - Latoma EP

1. Latoma
2. Korpi
3. Latoma (Villo Remix)

***Superb dub-techno experiments backed with a masterful remix from Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer*** Fresh from dropping his Vladislav Delay Quartet album, Sasu Ripatti is back with some of the lean, shifty dub-techno magic he's historically best known for. 'Latoma' is reverb-drenched minimalism at its finest, its initially quite gentle, undulating rhythm building evolving gradually into a kind of scuffed industrial breakbeat. On 'Korpi' , a subtle, swung rhythm is bathed in oceanic synth tones and motored along by lushly treated double bass licks that are good enough to eat. Villalobos teams up with NSI/Sun Electric/Moritz Von Oswald Trio man Max Loderbauer for a daringly broken, out-there remix for the heads, its jazz-wise electro-acoustic textures framed by an emaciated halfstep rhythm and tremulous radiophonic embellishments. Tramples all over the competition, this

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