Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recloose - Saturday Night Manifesto

1. Electric Sunshine
2. Parquet
3. Tecumseh
4. Tecumseh (Bonus Beats)

Sophisticated Hi-Tech House music from Recloose. With the refresh of recent reissue for comparison, Recloose is right up-to-the-time with his chops on these three tracks. On the A-side's 'Electric Sunshine' the triplet drums, guitar licks and woozy, sun-baked synths are rendered with an incredible clarity and spaciousness, but this guy has the rare quality of stunning musicianship to add to his production values. On a more upbeat tip, 'Parquet' shakes out a dynamically jazzy and Teched-out House killer, and flipside 'Tecumseh' rides the groove Detroit style, like a dirtier, meaner Shake. Deadly

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