Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Old Apparatus - Zebulon

1. Zebulon
2. Hammerhand (feat Mowgli)

Machine-tooled Dubstep mysteries from Deep Medi, delivering the 2nd Old Apparatus session. It may or not be Mala behind this, we couldn't confirm, but in place of personal identities we find some fairly massive sounds. The A-side 'Zebulon' strikes a fine equilibrium between plunging, hollowed subs, shattering aerial snares and bewitching folk vocal, ultimately sounding like an updated Vex'd line-stepping with Clouds at the village hop, circa 2020. Effectively, the flip is an augmented version of the B-side from the 1st Old Apparatus, meshing a vocal from Mowgli with expanded synthlines to dramatic, gripping standards. Ace artwork too, as per. Don't sleep!

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