Sunday, August 14, 2011

FaltyDL - Make It Difficult / Jack Your Job

1 Make It Difficult
2 Jack Your Job

FaltyDL continues his 2011 takeover with two dead smart sides for All City. It seems like not a week has gone by this year without at least one or two of his remixes catching our attention, and most importantly the quality has been consistently high. With 'Make It Difficult' he again nails that black art of syncretic groove composition: constructing rhythms that sound like a DJ synching two loose but compatible tracks. In this case, it might actually be a three deck mix, creating a swingsome lather of vintage NY House patterns and breakbeats with supreme dexterity. Flipside he's on it again, applying that patented spatial rendering to make the patterns slide inside eachother like a coital moire of deepside House memes.

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