Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sepalcure - Love Pressure Remixed

1. Love Pressure (XI remix)
2. Love Pressure (FaltyDL remix)
3. Every Day Of My Life (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
4. Down (Daedelus Remix)
5. Love Pressure (Lando Kal Remix)

Three tracks by Sepalcure get reworked by a starry cast of remixers numbering Jimmy Edgar, FaltyDL, XI, Lando Kal and Daedaeus. The work of Sepalcure - that's the duo of Travis 'Machinedrum' Stewart and Praveen Sharma - straddles the crossroads of dubstep, UKG, house, hip-hop and a kind of toughed-up future-soul, and the remixes they've commissioned here are suitably diverse. Toronto dubstep talent XI is given top billing with his remix of 'Love Pressure' and he does himself proud, creating a spacious, silken skanker with heart-swelling, floor-sweeping synth progressions to die for - emotive, nicely engineered stuff. FaltyDL - who can do no wrong for us right now - services the same track, this time in a ruggedly emotive breakbeat techno fashion, somewhere between vintage Dego and recent Shake. Superb. Jimmy Edgar weighs in with a fix of 'Every Day Of My Life', that First Choice sample so seminally deployed by Rufige Cru here repurposed as fuel for an obscenely funked-up electro-techno fix that must count among Edgar's most squarely floor-aimed productions to date. Daedelus is in an even more playful, unpredictable mood than usual for his rework of 'Down', which flits hyperactively from slouchy half-step to high-speed junglizm - at first just disorienting, when it's over you realise what a magnificent feat of production it actually is. Lazer Sword's Lando Kal closes out the package with a slick, steely version of 'Love Pressure', a hugely absorbing 4/4 stepper invested with some well-judged US R&B

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