Sunday, August 14, 2011

Klaus - Tusk EP

1. Tusk
2. Fens
3. Chyper
4. Pim

Klaus's floaty, ambient-leaning approach to the post-dubstep fallout has already seen him earn favourable comparisons to Mount Kimbie and Airhead, and now he arrives with an EP on R&S set to secure his place at the top table. Tusk is defiantly introspective and experimental throughout, the title track squeezing some of the spindly spirit of Balil and The Black Dog's precious 90s IDM into a pinched steppers' template, while 'Fens' sounds like a dream hook-up between James Blake, Philip Jeck and Pole: a pocket symphony of static fizz, crackle, clipped drum edits and mounting subs. Klaus's South London DNA comes to the fore on 'Cypher', an avant-dubstep riddim suspended in frozen space, buffeted by a mellow yet malevolent wind of digital FX. Klaus avoids the common trap of using a 4-track EP as an excuse to show off a range of styles; instead he takes the opportunity to refine and nail down his own unique sonic identity and carefully, patiently explicating it across the four tracks. One to watch for

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