Sunday, August 14, 2011


01. Mordant Music - nhabotuA ehT fO ediS kraD
02. Sii - Shapes And Hills (previously unreleased)
03. Shackleton - Western Graveyard (previously unreleased)
04. Shackleton - Handle (previously unreleased)
05. Mordant Music - Plant Room
06. Mordant Music - We Are The Mean
07. Mordant Music - Man On A Spool
08. Mordant Music - Read Between The Raster
09. Mordant Music - Obituaries
10. Mordant Music - Blast Screen
11. Mordant Music - Chiedozie Maj7
12. Mordant Music - Dungeness
13. Mordant Music - Keep Whacking Me
14. Mordant Music - Minor Pete
15. Mordant Music - NASL
16. Mordant Music - The Tower (Part X-Black Advance)
17. Mordant Music - The Tower (Part XI-Warning Maps)
18. Mordant Music - The Tower (Part XII-On Cracked Hooves)
19. Cosmic Dennis Greenidge - Dr. Strange
20. Cosmic Dennis Greenidge - Octavia (
21. Cosmic Dennis Greenidge - Woah (previously unreleased)
22. Cosmic Dennis Greenidge - Christ In Hell (previously unreleased)
23. Mordant Music - Travelogues 1: A Beautiful Vesta
24. Mr. Maxted - And That Became (previously unreleased)
25. Mr. Maxted - Audition (previously unreleased)
26. Mr. Maxted - Them, To Me...Disappeared (previously unreleased)
27. Mordant Music - Travelogues 5: Data Cadence
28. Mordant Music - Pissing In Sinks
29. Mordant Music - In Truth Is Wine
30. Mordant Music - Another Uncompleted Dome
31. Mordant Music - Travelodge, Derby (Kristallo Overheard)
32. Mordant Music - Mindless Reverie
33. Mordant Music - Attack Plus 22 Days
34. Mordant Music - Ridyll (excerpt)
35. Mordant Music - MisinforMation
36. Vindicatrix - Hume
37. Vindicatrix - Desleck (previously unreleased)
38. Ekoplekz - Sirencester (previously unreleased)
39. Ekoplekz - Titanian Dub (previously unreleased)
40. Autre Ne Veut - Soldier (reMMix)
41. Ekoplekz - ModernismuseuM (MMegaplekz by Ekoplekz)

*Gargantuan 40 track compilation packed with previously unreleased material from Shackleton, Vindicatrix, Ekoplekz, Mr Maxted and Baron Mordant, plus a 76-minute mix by Ekoplekz!!!* MMassive 42-track compilation of previously unreleased and classic Mordant Music material spanning a decade and fifty releases, including exclusive tracks from Shackleton, Vindicatrix, Mr Maxted and Ekoplekz plus excerpts from the Misinformation DVD. In case you're under any disillusion, Mordant Music is surely one of the UK's most vital imprints, a much needed outlet for eldritch expressionism from the badly-cut fringes (the interesting bits) of Blighty's musical freaks and wyrdos. Any musical magpies should be instantly checking for the two previously unreleased Shackleton tracks produced around the time of his seminal 'Stalker' 7"; the brittle, 8-bar rhythm & noise rituals of 'Western Graveyard' and the gothic-Techno of 'Handle' are stone cold essentials. Meanwhile, we scan a stack of Mordant Music material including tracks from their crucial 'The Tower' series, the primal songcraft of Dennis Greenridge, and Mr Maxted's lush 'And That Became', plus a bleak instrumental from Vindictarix and two unreleased tracks by Ekoplekz additional to his FX-mottled MMegaplekz MMix. It's an absolute bargain, MMate!!!

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