Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Submerse - Bubblin'

01. Bubblin'
02. Bubblin' (Kuoyah's Glassy Mix)

'Bubblin' is an aquafresh, teched-out garage roller from Submerse, comfortably trumping his past work on Well Rounded, LS2 etc. While he doesn't get any major marks for originality, the quality of the production is water-tight, the sound design crisp and engaging, and when its ticking percussion slows suddenly to a stop-motion halfstep the female vocal pressure and ultramarine keys sound genuinely, deliciously, melancholic. That said, the remix from Frijsfo's Kuoyah steals the show a little bit, preserving the deft groove of Submerse's original but making it way more complex and interesting with some tricksy drum edits and a deeper, more sophisticated deployment of FX. For us it turns what was always going to be a solid 12" into something

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