Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tehnoloogiline Päike - Koige Pikem Päev

01 Illuminatsioon
02 Suvevaheajaks Maale
03 Preluud
04 Su Joud
05 Kasvav Maa
06 Koige Pikem Maa
07 Kauboid Ja Indiaanlased
08 Raadio Berliin
09 Lapsepolv Jaab Igaveseks Meelde
10 Ohtu

Evar Anvelt calm electronic music makers and Mihkel Pumpkin less become their second full-length album, which took three years of maturing. The familiar paradigm of electronics, science fiction has been added to the acoustic sounds of instruments, the sound has become more diverse picture, smooth transitions are added to the refreshing contrasts and

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