Friday, August 12, 2011

14 Tracks: No Hat, No boots = No Job

01 Ancient Methods - Am 5 B2
02 Sawf - Unrhythm
03 Ancient Methods - Am 4 B1
04 Kangding Ray - Mojave
05 Surgeon - Radiance
06 Ancient Methods - Am 3 A1 Else (Ugandan Methods Mix)
07 Forward Strategy Group - Token Ring
08 Ancient Methods - Am 1 B1
09 Anodyne - Empire Of Light
10 Re:Group - Nihil
11 Ancient Methods - Am 2 B1
12 Realmz - Cloud Chambers
13 Go Hiyama - Concrete Advance (Dead Sound & Videohead Remix)
14 Perc - My Head Is Slowly Exploding (Chris Carter Remix)

Thanks in no small part to the machinations of Ancient Methods, Industrial Techno has witnessed a resurgence from the shadows of loop-based bangers in recent years, albeit with an updated swagger and shark-eyed intent. With a wealth of experience from countless sets at Tresor and an unflinching taste for tough Industrial swing, DJ/Producers Trias and Baeks aka Ancient Methods forged a subtly syncretic form of Industrial War Funk crossing bellicose, off-kilter Tribal rhythms and excoriating Tech-noise. This sound finds uncompromising allies in the likes of Regis' Ugandan Speed Trials records, the buckin' swing of Realmz, Sawf's concrete funk, or the brutalist architecture of Kangding Ray and Surgeon. This selection covers all those and more, with a steely focus on visceral, physical constructions hinging on five crucial cuts from the masters of this sound. A little word of warning - this 14 tracks selection is perhaps not recommended to those with cardiac dysrhythmia or sh*t speakers! Everyone else, come test!

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