Friday, August 12, 2011

James Blake - Order

1. Order
2. Pan

Given the hype surrounding his debut album, you could be forgiven for forgetting what a uniquely talented proposition James Blake is, and how powerful his work can be when aimed at the 'floor of DMZ rather than the housewives of Middle England. This 12" is just superb, bringing two instrumental, back-to-first-principals but still hugely inventive dubstep reductions with real balls to them 'Order' is a bruising, purist minimal half-stepper, off-kilter 808 hits nudging it forward and no doubt straight into the box of Mala and anyone else who still remembers how devastating a producer Blake can be. It's 'Pan', though, that's the real prize here: stalking, sub-heavy business for the the paranoiacs and occultists, tortured vocal textures that wouldn't sound out of place on a Raime or Haxan Cloak record peeling off a ruthlessly stripped groove that's reminiscent of early Shackleton and Mystikz productions but nonetheless possessed of its own unique

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