Monday, August 15, 2011

The Heels Of Love - The Heels Of Love

01. Cosmo
02. Slow
03. First Steps (album mix)
04. Chain Gang
05. Quiet Please (Break & Synth edit)
06. Old Stuff
07. Groove It Up
08. Blue Gitanes
09. Getting Down
10. Grind Disco
11. The Beat
12. Fligth 707
13. Nite Time Ride

Milan based Heels Of Love is made up of Luca Saponaro (from Krautrock-Disco hybrids The Love Supreme) and Michele Tessadri (AKA Fratelli Riviera). The pair create incredible 80s tinged, earthy, synthesized music with healthy dose of real instrumentation. After the much praised single -Chain Gang on Nang last year, and some key releases on Mad on the Moon and Under the Shade labels, we are pleased to welcome The Heels of Love back for their first album and second release on Nang this July. After the syncopated clap rhythms and dubbed out keyboards of album opener -Cosmos, the album takes you on a ride through classic grooves reinvigorated with The Heels trademark sound, spaced out synths riffs, and the occasional downright-dirty bass line. Leading through the up-tempo vocal of Max Essa on -Chain Gang, you reach the woozy halftime jams in -Blue Gitanes, onto the stark funk of Dark Esquires vocal featuring on -The Beat, finishing up on the classy synth joint -Flight

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