Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Express - Going 2 Chicago

01. Going To Chicago
02. Somethin's Up
03. After Party

Still Music has commanded worthy attention after Rick Wilhite's Analogue Aquarium. Its smaller sublabel, Stillove4music, has no definitive musical mandate, but "excellent releases" are as good a genre as any. And that's exactly what Weekend Express provide on this excursion into various types of Chicago house.

It's easy to figure that out by the title track, which makes use of a vocal sample that chants the mantra "Goin' 2 Chicago" over a stabbing synth line and echoed claps. "Something's Up" makes use of soul vocal elements—a nice contrast to its more repetitive a-side sibling and though the four-to-the-floor never falters, a flowing, funk breakdown towards the end is expertly pulled back together. The last leg of the journey is a slow, powerful deep house track—a nod towards Mr. Finger's Juno 60. The EP is a very polished production and, if anything, this may be its greatest flaw. Any rawer, however, and Weekend Express may have strayed into murky

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