Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mélanie Laurent - En T'attendant

1. Début
2. En T’attendant
3. Everything You're Not Supposed To Be (Duet With Damien Rice)
4. Circus
5. Kiss
6. Je Connais
7. Pardon
8. Insomnie
9. Il Fait Gris
10. Uncomfortable (Duet With Damien Rice)
11. Papa
12. Fin
13. Tango (Bonus Track édition Fnac)

The album is a musical test drive, and a slow one at that. Most of the songs on "En T'attendant" are at least four minutes long. The album opens with and ends with two minute tracks of melodic piano, and the introduce and emphasize the tone of the album. Damien's influence on the album is obvious.

The album can feel, as Mélanie sings, un peu maladroite (a little clumsy), especially when she sings in English. Although the album gets long and drawn out at times, there are refreshing moments in "En T'attendant." Arriving at Mélanie's vocals rushing over the background in "Insomnie" is a pleasant change in pace. It reminds me of the catchy tracks from "Chansons D'Amour"

Overall, the album seems like one to savor patiently. It's a lovely experimentation, and I hope to see more music (and possibly more collaborations) from

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