Friday, August 12, 2011

Pepper Rabbit - Red Velvet Snow Ball

1. Lake House
2. Rose Mary Stretch
3. Allison
4. The Annexation of Puerto Rico
5. Family Planning
6. Murder Room
7. In Search of Simon Birch
8. Dance Card
9. The Ballad of Alessandro Moreschi
10. Tiny Fingers

Since Pepper Rabbit s debut album Beauregard was released last fall, the band has been touring consistently with the likes of Passion Pit, Freelance Whales, Miniature Tigers and Givers. Their sophomore album, Red Velvet Snow Ball, to be released August 9th, continues to see the Los Angeles based duo take inspiration from their favorite city; New Orleans. This album is a collaboration between Xander Singh and Luc Laurent, incorporating 11 instruments and a multitude of styles into their music. With influences spanning generations, from Portishead to David Bowie and Supertramp to Jamie Lidell, the group expands on their own brand of psychedelic pop music. Red Velvet Snowball is a great album for fans with tastes along the lines of Spoon, Blonde Redhead, Decemberists, Local Natives, and Freelance Whales.

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