Sunday, August 14, 2011

Regis - In A Syrian Tongue

a1. Blood Witness
b1. Blood Witness (M.J. Harris / Karl O'Connor live version, 8.2.II)
b2. Blinding Horses

Blackest Ever Black strike a most vital vein of byzantine technoid rollidge with a colossal twelve from Regis. The label's 4th release opens the doors of Techno perception to welcome the Downwards doyen's most potently atmospheric, bass-possessed productions in memory, including a spellbinding live version with fellow electronic druid Mick Harris (aka Scorn). It's a sound he's been keening towards for over 15 years, but has now reached with an accelerated curve on the inimitably fluid, bruising and grazing styles of his remixes for Raime, Sandwell District and Tommy Four Seven. Firstly there's 'Blood Witness', a suitably evocative title for the psychedelic hash-swirl of future-primitive drum programming and heavy-lidded drones which seem to hover over it's chasmic bass shapes. The live version enhances this sense of space and seductively looming bass; Mick Harris' additional treatments conjures the vertiginous effect of standing on top of a high building while resisting the urge to bowl over and see what happens. Finally, 'Blinding Horses' is, in our opinion, a milestone of sorts in the Regis' catalogue, synchronising his love of morbid rock romanticism with the physical drive of Techno and Bass music like nothing we've ever heard before. Simply put - one of the best records you'll hear all

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