Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Black Dog - Liber Temple (Book 2 Ov 3)

01. Heavy Industry
02. Greedy Gutter Guru

The second in The Black Dog’s new series of 12”s aimed solely at the floor. “Dark wave techno” is how they themselves are styling it, and there’s no doubt that the industrial-strength material on here owes something to the pistoning industrial funk of Ancient Methods, Regis et al. ‘Heavy Industry’ is the aptly title A-side, a proper warehouse thumper built for big rooms from Sheffield to Berlin. There are a lot of people making music like this at these days, but we can think of few producers doing it with such self-possession and subtlety – these boys have been in the game a long time and know exactly what they’re doing. ‘Greedy Gutter Guru’ is a more lithe, sinewy beast, driven by distant, almost elegiac synth melody and a pert kickdrum pulse – like vintage Kompakt but with more hairs on its chest. Big 12” for the proper techno

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