Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lily Of The Valley - Aquatree

1. Balloon
2. New World
3. Hikari Merry-go-round
4. 2216
5. Mabataki
6. One
7. Aquatree
8. Anemone
9. Fantasia
10. *
11. Marble Chocolate
12. Azure

Lily of the Valley hails from the northern town of Japan, Sendai. They are known to the crowds with their contribution to the great Japanese shoegazer compilation album “Total Feedback”. Nozomi (vocal, keyboard, programming, etc) and Tsukasa (guitars) creates dream-pop songs which consists of multiple chorus layers, soft beautiful guitars and electronic productions. They have released their debut album called “My Secret Garden” in 2009 from Happy Prince and the album was highly praised by shoegaze/dream pop fans not only in Japan but also all over the world. On their second album called “aquatree” they show big improvement on electronic productions and more sophisticated chorus layers and song writing. They are going to play with Letting Up Despite Great Faults (from Los Angels), Broken Little Sister and Twee Grrrls Club in Tokyo on April 2011.

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