Friday, September 16, 2011

The Jezabels - Prisoner

01. Prisoner
02. Endless Summer
03. Long Highway
04. Try Colour
05. Rosebud
06. City Girl
07. Nobody Nowhere
08. Horsehead
09. Austerlitz
10. Deep Wide Ocean
11. Peace Of Mind
12. Reprise
13. Catch Me

Bonus CD:

01. Be A Star (Early Demo)
02. Disco Biscuit Love (Early Demo)
03. Noah’s Ark (Early Demo)
04. Magic (Early Demo)

PERCHED just outside the mainstream radar for the past two years, self-navigated Sydney band The Jezabels have been selling out more and more larger and larger venues - creating a DIY buzz for this debut. It doesn't disappoint.

As anyone seduced by their three EPs will attest, their sound is frustratingly but refreshingly hard to pin down. It's indie rock injected with hits of mystery and mayhem, but also plenty of piano and pop thrills.

The amazing title track is the perfect opener, luring you into their intense world with swirling vocals, bubbling keyboards and a gothic maelstrom that culminates with drummer Nik Kaloper audibly losing his kaka.

Indeed, the immense drums on this album will cause major drum envy across the land.

In case you miss the "this is an old-school album, not just a bunch of songs" vibe, singer Hayley Mary has all of her lyrics written out in full here as a lengthy letter to a prisoner.

Via recurring themes of emancipation and emotion, you're dragged through the beautiful but bruised Endless Summer and primal pop thrills of Long Highway - think PJ Harvey fronting Fleetwood Mac in

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