Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wiley - Showa Eski EP

A1 It's Wiley (Prodigal Original)
A2 It's Wiley (Mickey Pearce Overload Mix)
B1 It's Wiley (Royal T Showa Grime Mix)
B2 Showa Eski Riddim

Purest JA/UK HEAT!!! 'Showa Eski' is the result of Wiley's trip to Jamaica in 2010, when Dancehall producer Prodigal rebuilt one of his finest moments with an island pop twyst. Remixes come from Mickey Pearce aka Shortstuff, splitting the sound into gloopy bass and spurting drums, and unstoppable younger Royal T on a piano-heavy and road-ready energy mix. Prodigy's original instrumental also included. Unmissable!!!!

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