Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kindest Lines - Covered In Dust

1. Hazy Haze
2. Destructive Paths To Live Happily
3. Baltimore
4. Strange Birds
5. Dark Dream
6. Running Into Next Year
7. No Perfect Focus
8. Record Party
9. In Death Not To Part
10. Prom Song
11. Colors Treasured

**Sweet, slick retro-modern synth-pop from New York's premier cold wave stable Wierd Records.** This might just be the most direct, accessible and open-hearted record yet to come out of the minimal synth revival - from the opening track, 'Hazy Haze' a lo-fi yet epic girl-group anthem that sounds like summat Phil Spector might've produced if his only tools were a mic and a couple of kit-built synthesizers. A couple of cuts lapse into electroclash-by-numbers, but even these are lifted by the quality of songwriting, the infectious guitar-playing (which variously summons Johnny Marr, early Cure, 154-era Wire, John McGeogh's work for Siouxsie), and of course Brittany Terry’s wonderful pure voice, which effortlessly navigates 80s new wave sass and quivering 4AD-style drama. If you've enjoyed recent offerings from Frank (Just Frank), Austra, Tropic of Cancer and Zola Jesus, then give this one a whirl...www.boomkat.com

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