Thursday, September 8, 2011

Scuba - Adrenalin EP

01. Adrenalin
02. Never
03. Everywhere

The man behind Hotflush Recordings- Scuba (aka Paul Rose)- has dropped an absolute banger right here peeps! Although he is renowned for his contribution to early dubstep and the rebirth of garage, with Adrenalin, Scuba has explored deep house and retro breakbeats with main-room 4x4 beats, powerful vocals and rising synths all thrusting you into a 1980s New York disco.

The title track, ‘Adrenalin’ entrances the listener with arpegiated synth chords and a distant reverberated voice fading up slowly until the cold house-beat slams into them. The song keeps ascending until a funky bass- line bubbles up beneath it. Its got sweeping progressive breakdowns, crisp vocals and a heavy acid/deep house beat- simple but very effective. You can’t really go wrong to be honest!

On the B-side, ‘Never’ and ‘Everywhere’ are even more retro- with warm catchy bass-lines setting the bouncing rhythms accompanied with sharp and crazy kicks, claps, snaps and break-dance vibes. Again short crisp vocals are utilised very well to give the tunes more 'dance-ability' and listening pleasure.

Adrenalin is a definite salute to the retro sounds, the days of the boombox and matching shell-suites. It's a very popular sound, and Scuba has managed to capture it without sounding dated. It’s an exemplary EP that demonstrates the forward-thinking of Scuba and his Hotflush Label. Fans of Falty DL, Joy Orbinson and Hyetal should defo check this EP. Fans of Scuba, should be pining for it!

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