Monday, September 12, 2011

Distal - Boss of the South EP

1. Boss of the South
2. Coke Bottle
3. Boss of the South (Sinden Remix)
4. Boss of the South (Capracara's South of Heaven Remix)
5. Coke Bottle (Wheez-ie Remix 1)
6. Coke Bottle (Wheez-ie Remix 2)

Distal's arrived in a big way in 2011, and his debut for Sinden's Grizzly is possibly his strongest release yet. 'Boss Of the South' is fractally busy yet solidly rolling, flicking in fragments of mentasms, 8-bit chirrups and Jukin' sample stabs, while the muscular, rolling subs lock it down for the dance, and 'Coke Bottle' works percolating Toms like Chicago's finest, but with a laidback Southern tilt that's more compatible with UK 'floors. Remixing, Sinden evens the keel with a rollin' 4/4 rework of 'Boss…' and Capracara drops some sexy New Jersey swing vibes with a kinky infusion of rave dirt, while Wheez-ie freaks out two uptempo Footwork versions of 'Coke Bottle'

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