Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Depth Affect - Draft Battle

01. A Million Buzzing Locust
02. Unsult
03. Matter Of Tempo
04. Sugar Honey Iced Tea
05. Oil Rig Heli Pad
06. Draft Battle
07. I Guess
08. Dämmerung
09. Ten Devils
10. Club And Maces
11. Rivage Barbare

The french beatmaker have release a new album this summer. In case you don’t know them you better check their previous albums/ep. Especially Hero Crisis which is a great album (featuring Subtitle and Awol One).
Depth Affect

On that new and third album the vocals are almost inexistant. They stick to what they knew the best : electronic loops, heavy bass and a bit of eighties sound (on Matter of tempo). That album is also release on the great label Autre directions...www.mad-hop.com

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