Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hoya:Hoya Vol.3

1. Ikonika - Fleas
2. Om Unit - Fibonnaci 10
3. Monky - Hipster

Another haul of distinguished cuts from MCR's Hoya Hoya posse, including a straight acer from Ikonika. The UK's first lady of forward, ultra-synthetic grooves plays a blinder with 'Fleas', keeping the warehouse rhythm reserved but itchily infectious under arabesque synth vistas like the theme to some sci-fi anime set in Dubai circa 2067, when oil tycoons run the globe and Omar Souleyman broadcasts mega-concerts from the top of Burj Khalifa. Turn it and Om Unit hands his finest track to date with the ultra sharp calculations of 'Fibonacci 10', all staggered rhythmic swagger and battery-tang synth bubbles next to the gremlin-cute synth-step of Monky's 'Hipster'. Damn on it, got to say. TIP!

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