Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Farben - Xango

1. LesssseN
2. Xango
3. Parada
4. Eroten reiten auf eineN Delphin

New material from Jan Jelinek is always cause for celebration, and ‘Xango’ marks the second outing in as many years for his seminal micro-house project Farben, reactivated in 2010 after a six year absence. On first listen, the four tracks assembled here are on the kind of lo-fi, experimental house tip you'd more readily associate with STL or Jamal Moss, but on closer inspection their surface toughness conceals a depth and an attention to detail that's just staggering, and pure Jelinek: with its primitive palette of playful, vaguely aquatic, ping-ponging sounds, 'LesssseN' could've been made by his radiophonic alter ego Ursula Bogner, while 'Xango' is simply a raw, reduced, mid-paced groove riding acid bass as squidgy as jelly and twice as rude. 'Parada' is the kind of shuffling, sample-heavy but weirdly acousmatic techno miniature this guy's so good at, and closer 'Eroten reiten auf einen Dolphin' sounds like an industrial rave filtered through the minds and gear of David Cockerell's

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